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Most of new mobile phones (at least top models) supports Java. Unfortunately lack of any convenient input device (keyboard, touch-screen, mouse...) significantly reduce class of applications which can be used at phone.

But mobile phone seems to be the only device (except watches) which is always with you. (unlike desktop, notebooks, pocket computers and even electronic organizers).

Certainly the most popular applications for mobile phones are games (which will help to kill the time with comfort when you have to wait for something).
But I hope that non-playing applications also can be useful at your mobile.

Right now I have implemented several such applications: Shopper, MetroNavigator, Calculator, Dictionary, Econometer, PCalc, TripMate, AriadneThread, Moscow-FM, Counter, MobileMap, MapBrowser, MobiBook, MobiTutor, MobiBrowser, OnlineMap, OnlineDict, MobiTutor, Cryptex, StopWatch and Metronome. And three games: MammothHunter, Wordix and Guess. Shopper, Econometer, Dictionary, MobiTutor, OnlineDict, Moscow-FM, MetroNavigator, MobileMap, Guess, MobiBook, MobiTutor, MobiBrowser, OnlineMap and MapBrowser have English and Russian interfaces, Calculator, PCalc, MammothHunter, TripMate, AriadneThread, Counter, Wordix, Cryptex, StopWatch and Metronome - only English interface. There is also French and Italian versions of Shopper and German version of MetroNavigator.
But all applications are are provided with sources, so you can easily customize them for your needs.

If you have some ideas about which application is greatly needed for mobile phone, I will be glad if you e-mail them to me. May be I will implement them:)

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