Variant N95-3 'Update' Now Available US


Every morning for the last two weeks has started the same for me. Among other mundane tasks- immediately after grabbing coffee, my N95 is connected to my PC and the device is checked for an update while I cross my fingers. Good news for North America and myself came this morning- the Nokia RM-160, also known as the N95-3 or the US variant N95 is ready for updating. The current firmware of 10.2.006 can now be updated to 11.2.009. I'm sure this will bring wonderful things to the last N95 iteration in the form of demand paging and hopefully Search 4.0 from the active standby. Perhaps we'll even be thrown a bone for the two week wait over the classic model who saw an update on the 26th of last month.

I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning and set to undertake the laborious task of scribbling down the thirty or so S60 applications I just can't live without anymore and backing up everything else in anticipation of an update and all the fun that comes with it. Certainly, for demand paging the task will be worth it.

I wonder what the chances are of seeing a changelog for this model as well....? At any rate, if you've got an N95-3, it's time to load up the Nokia Software Updater right now.

EDIT- I've installed the new firmware. I hereby retract my latest statement- unless you're a super big fan of DRM, I'd pass on this update for now. No Demand Paging, no Search 4.0 from the standby screen- in fact, it's still Search 3.4... Same old slow camera function, Podcasting has not been integrated into the music player. It actually doesn't even come with Podcasting installed! The only thing that I can see has been changed is the addition of the Music Store in the player.

I'm noticably a little cranky here. I've got to reinstall and reconfigure all my apps, my menu structure, everything... for DRM. Great.

Anyone have a changelog?

So much for a nice start to the day... what a let down.

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