10 Nokia N95 tips

1. In the “Profiles” settings of Nokia, there is an option: “speak out the name to be called” and choose “open”. Then go back to the laptop and press “clock” for seconds. It will succeed in calling wanted person via speaking out the name of his.

This function is realized by the software built in the cell phone itself that can recognize the voice calling. It seems that the function will take up much space.

However, it is not suggested to use the function, since its success rate is very low and always there is the problem like this: call jack but jane appears. If your voice is nearly same as that of computer, it will be good. You can do like this. In addition, you can use these two functions at the same time, 3D ringing and speaking out the name to becalled, otherwise, the cell phone system will be halted.

2. If you didn’t uninstall the program according to the common method, the cell phone may prompt you that the installation failed when you install the same program once again.

Maybe it is a detailed adjustment to the 3rd generation Nokia S60 for the security. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful for the installation and the uninstallation for the programs.

The important tips for the software installation of N95! Many friends can not run the program after installing *.Jar. Below is the solution:
a. When installing *.Jar program, you must use English to name *.Jar program file and it will work well. Some *Jar runs slowly, but do not worry. It will just take several seconds to run. (Generally less than 10 seconds)
b. If you want to manage *.Jar original installation file well, I suggest that you can create a folder, and put the English files *.Jar into it, as it is convenient to the classification.

By the way, the precious version of handay clock software is not compatible with N95 and when you open the clock function to work for you, then the multi-media button will become invalid. Note: higher than 4.02 version can be installed to work well for this function. As long as the normal JAR program for N95 can run, it just has the differences between full screen and the half screen.

3. N95 can look through the zoom of DOC documents. XLS files can be modified by the ranks of size, translation, the freezing window operation. PPT files can be displayed as the method of the full screen. As the version of FLASH players is a bit lower and larger flash will not be played. So will PPT, word, and excel.

4. If you want to install the theme of Nokia N95 into the cell phone as much as possible. If you install the theme into the card, it will recover automatically to the default theme when you restart the cell phone.

Two methods of the theme installation:

a. Copy the theme installation software (SIS or SISX format) into the cell phone card and use “Y--browse” to complete the installation.

b. Use card reader or “data connection” of the data cable to copy the decompressed theme folder into the cell phone card. The path is X:\private\10207114\import\ (suppose X is the memory card).

The comparison between these two installation methods:
a. The process of the installation is very simple but it will auto create a file under the path: C:\sys\install\sisregistry. For example,

C:\sys\install\sisregistry\a00000eb\00000002_0000. ctl. This will take up too much space of “hard drive C”

b. The process of the installation is relatively complicate, however, there are not any installation steps and it won’t create any file on “hard drive C” either. Of course it can not be installed on “hard drive C” Choose the style of theme installation correctly: Usually, some people will install it at the first sight of the beautiful theme without considering it is fitable for you or not.
a. Do not install the different model theme, or it may be out of shape.
b. Install the unpractical theme because of the beautiful stand-by image and the letterform of its function list, information, selecting bars, the outside screen etc is not very clear at all.

c. The installed theme is too large and some themes will be up to 1MB. It will affect the speed poorly.
The deletion of the theme:
a. If you use method 1 to install the theme, you can delete it in “program manager”. If there are too many themes, it may not be resolved. You can use “Y--browse” to delete the file on C:\preinstallAppscache.dat and try to delete on “program manager”. If still not, you can use the following method to deal with it.

b. If you use method 2 to install the theme, please remember the name of the theme and use card reader or “data connection” of data cable here: X:\private\10207114\import to find the theme folder, and then delete the folder.

5. If you can not find or add the songs in the tab of “music” of N95, you may delete the original ones to update again.

6. As for looking through the different content, Nokia N95 provides two different network browser accesses.
The browser under the main function menu is used for the common WAP web page and the support of EDGE ensures the web fast speed. For the browser under the application program, it is mainly used for the HTML content, supporting three letter styles, full screen mode, and the analogue mouse for assisting the pages up and down, left and right.

7. The method that Nokia N95 makes wanted picture as the full screen wallpaper: To set full screen wallpaper, you must put the picture into your used Theme, and use S60 Theme Studio for Symbian OS to make your theme then add wanted picture into it. At last, combine them into sis files and install the theme into your cell phone. Here is ready for you to apply the theme onto your cell phone under the “settings” list.

8. The method to run N95 and speed up

a. Only using a SIM card, N95 will run slowly. You need to clear the spam files on “hard drive C”. The simplest way is to replace SIM card with MINISD card for restarting the cell phone. For about 3-5 minutes, shut down the cell phone to change back SIM card. Like this, Series60 system will renew the data on “hard drive C”, auto clearing original useless files. If you are interested, you can have a try.

b. Shut down unnecessary background program. The camera won’t run on the background if it is not open. But as long as you have opened, even though it is shut down, it will run on the background in order to operate it faster. It is the same with card folder. In the running program interface, press “select” and then press “shut down the application program”. It will really close the using program.

9. The batch deletion and the batch copy
The method to batch deletion and batch copy: Sometimes, we need to delete a lot of information or the images. It is boring to delete them one by one. At this time, you can do like this: option?check ?check all, after each file, a tick symbol will appear. And here, if you choose to delete, they will be deleted at a time. Another method is to check

them one by one annually. Do like this: Press “pen type key” and then press direction key up and down to check them. Loosing them and taking the same action will cancel checking. Of course, even though they are checked, you can also make batch copy and batch sending.

10. About video playback, it is very powerful. It can play RMVB files: 320*240, Real 8 or 9 encoding; AVI must be played by 3rd party players. RM files need converting to 240*320 with the conversion software, so do AVI files. If you use smart movie to play AVI files and had better use PC port itself.

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Anonymous said...


If your operator does not support normal SMS delivery receipts (like UK O2) put *0# at the beginning of a text message to get a receipt (the recipient will not see it)

12# (etc) in standby will dial the number held in location 12 on your SIM card address book.

When texting using T9 predictive text you can generate smileys by pressing the 1 key twice or three times and modify the smiley using the * key:

Pressing 1 twice :) then * :( > ;) > :* > .. > ., and so on
Pressing 1 three times :-) > :-( > ;-) > :-* > ... and so on.

The 0 key gives you a space, then 0, then a carriage return.

To mark items in a list, for deletion/moving/copying/sending etc., hold down the edit (pencil) button and scroll up or down using the D-Pad to tick the items in quick succession.

To see the time when the keypad is locked without unlocking, just press and release the power button.

You can use * when searching for contacts. D*n brings up Daniel and Dennis.

Anonymous said...


N95 picture viewer:
2 – Scroll up (when zoomed)
4 – Scroll left (when zoomed)
5 – Zoom in (12.5%/25%/50%)
6 – Scroll right (when zoomed)
8 – Scroll down (when zoomed)
0 – Zoom out

Press the Power button briefly to bring up the list of profiles to select one.

Press and hold (in Standby):
Right selection key: Voice commands
Multimedia Key: Now Playing
1: Voicemail
2-9: shortcuts to address book (you need to set these up first)
0: Web
#: Switches between General and Silent modes - not supported by all Operator Variants (when composing messages will switch between character and number input when held down)

Anonymous said...

N95 Codes

*#06# ............ IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
*#0000# ......... Firmware version and date, Phone Model and Operator Variant
*#92702689# ... Life timer (W A R 0 A N T Y) - Total time your phone has spent sending and receiving calls.
*#62209526# ... Wireless MAC Address (M A C _ W L A N)
*#2820# .......... Bluetooth MAC address (B T A 0?)

*#7370# .......... Format phone...[Hard-Reset]
*#7780# .......... Factory Reset

Format phone restores phone to as if it was out of the box. Retains firmware version and operator Variant changes but wipes all applications you have installed. Does not format the memory card so any apps on there may reinstall once powered back up again.

Factory Reset resets all settings to defaults but keeps any applications you have installed and photos etc. Both need the Security code, which, by default, is 12345.

Another way to format some symbian phones: Power off phone. Press and hold Green, * and 3 and keep them held whilst powering on and for a few seconds after, if kept pressed this formats without asking for Security Code confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Once you've done that, it might be useful to run Nokia Software Updater, and ensure you are running firmware v12.0.0.13, as it includes A-GPS (Assisted GPS), which uses your N95's net connection to obtain faster satellite lock-on times for GPS. It's an awesome addition, and if you're serious about GPS, it's a must. On that note, if you're serious about your N95, just get v12 anyway.

1. Access Points. If you have an unlimited data plan, always use your GPRS or HSDPA connection, change the setting inside the maps program. The connection will be used for the following:

- Downloading maps sections that you haven't already downloaded via the maps program.
- Accessing (many) extra POI's that do not come with the default maps.
- Resolving 7-digit postcodes like in England, otherwise you'll only get a maximum of 5 digits. Or is it 4?
- Downloading navigational voices (you can do this in the new map loader program, however)
- Resolving address searches for which you do not have map data (e.g. other country)

Some of these things are useful to have on the move, making a WiFi access point an inconvenient option. Although, you can obviously change that setting whenever you want to. Bear in mind however, that for using Assisted GPS (A-GPS - a nice update we all got in firmware version 12) you will need to use a 3G/EDGE/GPRS connection to use it, WiFi is not supported. This is configured under Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Server. Choose the connection you wish to use with A-GPS there. Each A-GPS server request is approximately 5KB of data, not a lot even for those who pay by the KB.

2. There are no 'default maps'. All maps are downloaded via Map Loader or over-the-air as I explained above. It is worth updating them regularly, as map companies that Nokia use are updating the data regularly. This holds true even more so when using (paid) navigation, as navigational routing information is stored in the map data itself. This is good if you have navigational problems, i.e. you are told to turn left into a brick wall, or a deep lake, as you can rest assured this problem will eventually be resolved with an update to the mapping data, (or a lawsuit!)

3. The mapping program and the maps are free. Nokia make money by charging you for navigation. After all, they bought out an established German based mapping company called Smart2Go, and they have to make money back on that somehow. Don't forget, they make the program and the maps free for a lot of Symbian based Nokia Phones, not to mention even Windows Mobile. You can of course have it map you out a route from A to B, and 'track' you all the way there. It won't alter the orientation of the screen, that's one of things that you pay for with navigation, and also you pay to get the spoken turn-by-turn directions.

That's all you need to get started.

Anonymous said...

Nokia N95 8GB - Spesifikasi

Nokia N95 ini dijual paket yang berisi:
* Ponsel Nokia N95 8GB
* Baterai Nokia BL-6F
* Charger Travel Nokia AC-5
* Headset Musik Nokia HS-45, AD-54
* Kabel Konektivitas Nokia DKE-2
* Kabel Konektivitas Video Nokia CA-75U
* Panduan Pengguna

Nokia N95 8GB menggukan antarmuka
S60 Edisi ke3, SO Symbian versi 9.2, Tombol media khusus, Layar siaga aktif, Menu multimedia

Nokia N95 dilengkapi layar QVGA TFT 2.8" besar, 16.7 juta warna, 240 x 320 piksel

Transfer data menggunakan :
* EGPRS: Kelas B, multislot kelas 32 (DL/UL= 296 / 177.6 kbps)
* EDGE: Simple kelas A, multislot kelas 11 (DL/UL= 118.4 kbps)
* GPRS: Kelas B, multislot kelas 32 (DL/UL= 107 / 64.2 kbps)
* WCDMA 2100 (HSDPA) dengan suara simultan dan data paket (PS kecepatan maks UL/DL = 384/3.6 MB, CS kecepatan maks 64 kbps)

Nokia N95 menggunakan baterai BL-6F dengan waktu bicara GSM samapi 5jam dan WCDMA sampai 3.5jam. Sementara untuk waktu siaga GSM sampai 11.5jam WCDMA sampai 11.5hari. Playback music sampai 10jam dan playback music 2.5jam

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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