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It may be your first Nokia or it may even be your first cell phone. Now you will be interested in possibly finding the accessories you need or want. Your Nokia will be more convenient to use with the help of some accessories and others will just make your Nokia more fun and personalized. As there are almost as many options to choose from in accessories as there are models of Nokia cell phones, you will need to know your model number to help choose the right ones for your phone. Some Nokia cell phone accessories need to be chosen according to the model while others will work for nearly any model of Nokia phone.

Chargers are a necessity and you no doubt have one but you may want to consider getting another to have at work. Another charger to consider is one that works in your car so you can charge on the go and never have to worry about your phone going dead in the middle of a call again.

To keep your Nokia cell phone within reach if a call comes in while you are in your car, a holder for your cell phone is ideal. The holder and a headset are Nokia cell phone accessories that go together to make use of your Nokia more convenient. Taking your Nokia on a trip will be much easier with a travel charger, which is available in types for use in the UK as well as the US.

You need to remember abiding by the law and safety come first when making and receiving calls on your Nokia while driving. There are Nokia cell phone accessories available that help keep both of these in mind - the Bluetooth and hands free headsets. Not all Nokia's are Bluetooth capable and some people just prefer headsets. Many headsets are specific to certain Nokia models, so check the model number to make sure you get one that will work for you.

Though you can just carry your Nokia handphone in your pocket or purse, there are Nokia cell phone accessories that can help protect your investment in your cell phone. Cases and holsters help to avoid dings and scratches that not only mar the look of your Nokia but can affect its performance, too. Some cases and most holsters are designed to attach to your belt or pocket to keep your cell phone handy for ease of use. Many cases look like they are the shell of the phone, so you can use them to not only protect your Nokia but make it fit your personality, too.

Whether you like glitz, flash or classy utility, these Nokia cell phone accessories are sure to provide something to suit you. With face plates in carious color, styles and designs, you will have a phone that is uniquely yours without question and they also protect your face, well, the face of your phone. Antennas that flash or just look very classy and functional are also available. The flashing antennas light up whenever the phone is being used. How would you like to have a heart seem to beat when your Nokia rings?

These last Nokia cell phone accessories are comprised of memory cards, data cables and keypads. Two of the most popular features for cell phones there days are MP3 capability and cameras. For both of these, you will want to add to the small onboard memory of your Nokia with at least one memory card. This will save you from having to download to your computer or purge your phone's memory so often. When you do want to download pictures or upload new music, ringtones, wallpaper or screensavers, you will need a data cable to make it a snap. Want something different than the original keypad? You can choose from laser keypads, flashing keypads or crystal keypads. You can add personality to a normal function of your edition cell phone. Mix and match the choices in Nokia cell phone accessories with the options available. Choose whatever you need or suits your own personal style.

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